• Reports, newsletters, blogs
  • Book projects/reviews
  • Research projects
  • Press releases
  • Catalogue copy
  • Advertorials
  • Magazine journalism


Rates as set by the Professional Writers Association of Canada. Please visit www.pwac.ca.

Editing (fiction and non-fiction)

  • Manuscript assessments                      $40/hr
  • Structural and substantive editing      $40/hr
  • Copyediting and proofreading             $30/hr

Please contact me for a quote on larger projects.


  • High school essays (with a focus on grammar and vocabulary for international students)
  • Academic papers (with a focus on grammar and vocabulary for international writers/students)
  • First-time authors
  • Authors who require assistance with a writing project



“I started working with Catherine on my academic writings in July 2016. Before I met her, I felt myself stuck on a certain level of learning English [first language Russian]: when you know you still should improve but you have no idea how to do it. Catherine is helping me greatly to move on. With her assistance, I manage to look at my writings outside of the box.

“She showed me a number of tools I can use for enriching my vocabulary – I had never thought about some of those before, nor was I even aware of the rest of them. After her proofreading and explanations, my texts are becoming much more solid and smooth in language. I can highly recommend Catherine as a very professional editor and tutor. Moreover, she is just also a wonderful, delicate and smart person whom it is a real pleasure to work with.”

Anna Tsurkan, PhD
Centre for Analysis of Middle East Conflict
Institute of USA and Canada Studies /
Associate Fellow, University of Victoria
Centre for Studies in Religion and Society

  *   *   *

“Catherine was an excellent mentor as I took my firsts steps into academic writing, as well as helping me to feel confident in my ability to write reports and proposals, an important aspect of my work. What I appreciated was Catherine’s strength-based approach, while also identifying where I am challenged in the writing process. Her patience, sensitivity and skillful teaching methods reduced my anxiety and frustration, and I have benefited greatly as the skills learned have had a lasting effect – my confidence in my abilities has increased exponentially as well.

Thank you Catherine! ”

Linda McDaniels
Diversity Educator
Cowichan Intercultural Society